Percentile curves

The percentile curves are available as point-wise curves for an age range [ 45, 92 ] years. The curves are stored as json files. A tar file containing the percentile curves for each percent can be downloaded here.

Click here to download the percentile curves

Forward and inverse transformation files

The forward and inverse transformation files are available for 300 morphology scores, evenly spaced in a range [ -0.1, 0.1 ]. The files are transformation input files for the publicly available registration software Elastix, which can be downloaded here. You can transform an image with the transformix executable using the following command:

transformix -in input_image.ext -tp transformparameterfile.txt -out output_image.ext

Click here to download the forward transform parameter files
Click here to download the inverse transform parameter files

Spatio-temporal atlas

The inverse transformations for each of the 300 morphology scores ranging from -0.1 to 0.1 are applied to the mean image in template space. The resulting images are shown in the viewer on the main page, and can be downloaded here as a 4D nifti image file, where the 4th dimension is varying in morphology score.

Click here to download the spatio-temporal atlas